The Offer



A vending machine provides a convenient, permanent and service free access to products and services. This form of distribution is a vitally necessary and reasonable alternative to the increasingly high cost of human labour. This is a very rapidly growing industry which ensures a steady increase of profits.


The offer is directed to vending machine operators, vending start-ups, makers of ice cream, ice-cream desserts, sorbets, salads, juices and to individual customers, such as bars, factories, offices, hospitals, gas stations, seasonal outlets, hotels, recreation and sports centres and the like. We offer machines with a refrigerator capacity of 100 to 140 litres for frozen products with temperatures down to -25 o C and -35 o C and for refrigerated products.

Standard machines for the sale of ice cream made by Grycan, Milka, Oreo, Daim, Kilargo etc. have trays with dimensions of 95×95 mm, which hold approx. 200 pieces of ice cream. The machines can sell products in containers, boxes or film with overall dimensions fitting within an outline of 6cm x 6cm to about 25cm x 25cm and weighing up to 1kg. On request we also deliver large vending machines with larger trays and larger laden weight of products.

■   New machines are priced individually based on requests for quotation (contact us),
■   In our online store we also offer new and used machines from our test vending network
■   We offer operator and maintenance training (contact us),
■   We offer a business model for a vending network.

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The Customer decides the products to be sold by the machine and the machine colours.

Customers in need of financial support will be assisted in the lease of vending machines.